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Ep 004 BozCast Illusions
October 30, 2020 • 19 MIN
BozCast Ep 004 is titled "Illusions". I discuss the power of the mind to overcome illusions of obstacles.
Ep 003 Nothing Is Perfect
June 30, 2020 • 12 MIN
I examine the imperfection of society, and how we need to have grace in order for things to be more perfect.
Ep 002 Selectively Following Laws
June 26, 2020 • 8 MIN
People are selective about the laws they follow. I explore a couple examples. Please feel free to comment.
Ep 001 The Golden Rule
June 27, 2018 • 9 MIN
On this first podcast episode I dug into my radio show archives and found a segment where I talked about the golden rule and why it is relevant and necessary to follow.